Friday, May 29, 2009

Too many UFO's

For those who do not speak "knitterease" which is a language unique to knitters, UFO's are Unfinished Objects. I am very "lucky" to own many UFO's, I seem to have more ideas and start many different projects than my life allows time for. To monogamous knitters who are knitters who only work on one project at a time, (I can't even imagine such a thing) this "lucky" label I've given my state may appear as Un-lucky. This kind of knitting is not for the faint-of-heart it scares even me sometimes.

Because some of my projects take many, many hours & days & weeks to complete sometimes I let them rest and something new catches my eye and off I am starting something new. There are advantages and disadvantages to this fickle sort of knitting. The advantage is that when I get back to a half finished project I look and think oh I have a head start and all I have to do is finish the other half. But the downside is that sometimes I forget all about the project and it gets "tired" and periodically I have to have a "frog it or finish it" week. Fogging is another knitterease term for unraveling something knitted because a frog says ripp-it. 

Sometimes this comes along accidentally as I am searching for something I remember I have and find something else and other times my guilt makes me go searching for that unfinished project I remember starting. Also my "stash" of yarn seems to be huge and I really can not buy any new yarn until I put some sort of dent into the boxes and boxes of yarn I'm storing in the spare bedroom. Which is not really a spare bedroom because it is certainly fully occupied with yarn and clothes & suitcases and coats etc. and there is no room to spare.

I have no rules but for the ones I enforce up on myself. There are no deadlines except for the ones I make up, I hate deadlines so I don't make many of those. Right now I'm trying to finish some baby things but feel like by the time I finish the child will have outgrown it or the season has changed. 

The other day I found this beautiful ball of red cashmere yarn that I had but did not remember what project I had done with it or what state the project was in but the extra ball of yarn was separated from the project. I put it on the bed and within a split second Lucy my puppy snatched it and this is what happened. I took this picture with my phone so the color does not really show up and it looks a mess and it was a mess. 

What beautiful yarn, fine lace weight but soft and luscious, Mongolian Cashmere in a beautiful rich red. It took me 3 days to unravel it this mess but for some reason I did not have the heart to throw it out. Testing my patience, if Lucy was not so cute and had not gotten under our skin she would be out the door.

Did I do something wrong Mommy?

But she is so cute and has so much personality so once in a while she likes to get into my yarn. I could share a few more pictures like this but I'll spare myself, Lucy must have been a knitter in a previous life. 

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Joanne said...

What an adorable dog, with such pleading eyes. I just want to give it a hug.