Thursday, May 28, 2009

My dog is pushy and demanding!

Fee Fee my 15 year old beloved dog hates when I knit! She has figured out that if she comes up to me and sits down on the yarn that I'm knitting I have to stop!

I know it's been a long time since I've been able to shove her out of the way so I could write but at last she was willing to give it up for a few minutes. Big of her but what can I do she is what she is I guess at this point there is no hope in teaching her courtesy or kindness the selfish person that she is and always has been. I do not know how I've survived by her side this long. But I keep trying and hoping, miracles do happen you know. 

I hate it when she knits! I have told her many many times I come first! How many times do I have to tell her this? Some humans are just so stubborn....  gee sometimes I can not believe the burden that is upon me to try and teach her my way! I am the most important being in this household! Especially since the little bitch came to live with us. How I long for the good old days when it was only my brother who was a total coward and I ruled over. This new little bitch thinks she is the Alpha dog but I digress.

She likes to knit first thing in the morning when she has her cup of coffee. I don't know why she needs this coffee business but every morning it's the same thing! I wake her up and she is not happy about it, I'm an early riser so sue me. I take many naps in the day and I don't need as much sleep as SHE does so I wake her up. I am very careful though I never wake her up in the middle of the night she really gets pissed when I do that! Only in case of an emergency do I resort to that, sometimes I have to tinkle at night! Well it's not like I have a toilet an
d I can't reach the door knob so what am I to do? Pee on the floor, well sometimes if it's raining I will but that is another story and she really gets pissed when I do that. (Excuse the pun)
 we first wake up in the morning I like to snuggle, this is the only time of the day that I like to snuggle the rest of the day I am busy. My brother on the other hand, (God rest his soul) the fool that he used to be liked to snuggle any time SHE wanted. SHE called him, he went running! And now this little whipper snapper is trying to do the same thing! She calls her and the little bitch goes running. Sucker! She thinks she will like her more than me but that will never I said NEVER happen. I am the cutest, the smartest and I deserve everything I get. My hearing may be a little off and my eyesight might not be the best but I am still QUEEN of this house!

The Bitch
ps. thank you for letting me vent.

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