Monday, August 25, 2008

"This cabin contains a Knitter"

I was just organizing some of my "knitting" stuff and I ran across this sign that Patricia put up on the SeaSocks 08 trip to Alaska. Each cabin door that had knitters had one of these clever signs. There was 130 of us on board so there was lots of knitting going on during the cruise.

This cabin contains a Knitter...

Knitters are uniquely wonderful folks. They have been known to travel in packs, seeking out other Knitters as if they have radar. Often Knitters can be identified in the wild by the way they notice all the hand-knits around them. Leave a hand-knit unattended and Knitters will gather not to find the owner, but to examine the seams and the stitch work.

You should approach a Knitter with care. First, be sure the Knitter is not counting (note the small motions of the Knitter's mouth). Next, do not instantly reach for the project or any yarn near the Knitter. Ask permission to touch and gush accordingly.

Do not ask about commercially available alternatives to the knitted item. No Knitter knits because it is economical. They knit for relaxation, addiction, love, drive, or other reasons too numerous to list. Ask any knitter and they will tell you why they knit, and the answers are as diverse as the Knitter.

Be warned -- asking about a Knitter's craft may result in needles and yarn thrust into your hands.

Knitting is addictive.

I thought I would include a picture of this sign hanging on the door of the cabins but.... I could not find a one. I thought I took a picture of it goodness knows we took pictures of everything. You can imagine 130 knitters with digital cameras, lots of blogging about it and there are 3,826 pictures posted up on flickr.

But what fun I had looking for the picture, it took me back to the trip. I feel refreshed like I just took a little mini trip. I love the internet, we are all able to post our pictures so we could see each others photos.

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