Monday, August 11, 2008

The "Pedicure" sock....

One of the little luxuries in life for me is having my nails done, not so much my finger nails groomed but my pedicures...... oh it is so relaxing ..... oh it is so makes me feel like a queen even if it's just for an hour.

I like to wear red nail polish on my toe nails and in the winter time wearing my "crocs" my feet get cold and I don't want to wait patiently till the polish dries besides the polish never really dries for hours.

I designed the "Pedicure Sock"

"This little piggy went to ...... have her nails done"

Yarn I used is Universal, Deluxe Chunky LP 100% wool.
The pattern is improvised.
Cuff top, "banana short row heel" crochet "toes".


Ellen Bloom said...

How in the world did you manage to get a photo of the BACK of your toes!!! I'm hoping you had a photo assistant for that shot!

Great pedi-socks!

jessie said...

Clever woman.