Saturday, August 02, 2008

Summer Knitting

The other day when I was having my nails done and was actually sitting still without knitting one of the ladies who knows me remarked that I must not be knitting because it's summer time. Not at all my nails were wet, I didn't want to mess up the bright red nail polish I sometimes wear.

Yes I knit during the summer, maybe not a wool sweater or a lap blanket but certainly summer things like this top I made for comfort and cool. The cotton and rayon content of this Blue Heron yarn has a very nice feel to it and the boucle adds a particular shine to the fabric.

It took 2 skeins about $80 bucks, no knitting is not cheap, but so much fun to make and then to wear. Exactly to my size and exact length and comfort. Oh the pattern well I made that up, it's not rocket science.

- Marsh -

Cotton and Rayon Boucle

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