Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Admire your work often!

I have been knitting and knitting these small stitches endlessly..... I decided to try it on my dummy and see how it was coming along deciding that I'm almost there. So I snap a couple of pictures for the "meticulous" records I keep and I turn the dummy around and......

I could not believe my eyes! Right in the front, not even in a spot that I could possibly live with but smack in the middle of "front and center"

Dropped stitches!
Not one or two but three!
Not a couple of rows ago but inches and thousands of stitches ago!
All garter stitch and I could not pick them up, I tried and tried....

How could I have done this and not notice?????

I have said this many many times to new knitters and yet I did not take my own advice!

I HATE when this happens but "oops I did it again"

The project is a top down raglan sleeve little sweater. The yarn I'm using is "Blue Heron" Mercerized Cotton. Love this yarn! I've made several projects from Blue Heron last summer I could not get enough of this stuff.

Amano yarn store had a very nice stock and I also bought some at the Fiber Festival at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. The color is "kelp" actually looks a lot like seaweed similar to some other items I've knit I must like this color I keep getting it.

There is a 1,000 yards to a hank and I have two. Much more than I need for this project but we'll see what I can do with the left overs. I love the the silky smooth feel and shine of mercerized cotton and the garment it knits is really nice.

This was the last of my Blue Heron booty so I decided to knit a top down cardigan should be an easy knit and I'll just keep increasing until it fits. That is the nice part about top down knitting you can try it on and adjust your stitch count and make adjustments as you go. This is the guide I "loosely" followed. A very old formula but it works! Once I realized the simplicity of it I don't have to do much math, when you start seeing the logic of the stitch count you realize that all you have to do is get a gauge and the measurement and stitch markers and lots of knitting.

Then I decided to increase along the front also so my stitch count is growing rapidly, I love lots of stitches and the weight of this yarn. I'm using a size 4 circular needle and happily knitting along. Periodically I would knit it on to a 60" circular so I can try it on.

The Knit Pick's Options needles and multiple lengths is perfect for this job. But I got lazy and quit trying it on and sure enough there is a dropped stitch that I just can not pick up it is too far gone. Sh.....t!

Now I have to frog! Hours and hours of knitting.....So many stitches so much knitting...... ouch! and I have to go back! I was so close to finishing. Boo hoo! Oh well here it goes another lesson learned, how many times do I have to learn this lesson?

I've traced it back to knitting with a bunch of friends over at Stitches from the Heart yarn store. My favorite knitting hang out. Big table to sit around always fun people to gossip with and the conversation must have been so good that I was not paying attention to what I was doing.

Most of the time I pick out a project that is a "no brainer" to knit when I'm out because paying attention to counting or anything complex is hard when you are half paying attention. So again another lesson learned.

what is mercerized cotton?
Sometimes referred to in the crafts as pearl or pearle cotton. It is cotton yarn or fabric which has been put through a series of processes, primarily to increase luster. The added desirable water handling properties gained are a secondary bonus.
(want to read more? click here)


Ellen Bloom said...

Oh darn...I hate it when I drop stitches! That'll teach you to knit and talk at the same time!!!
You are way too conscientious. I would have just taken a needle and thread to the inside of the sweater and joined up those stitches somehow. The Blue Heron is gorgeous!

Yarnartist said...

I tried to send you an e-mail and it bounced. have you changed your e-mail?

ChelleC said...

Drop stitches - annnnnngggghhh!!!! That's so maddening. I love your discussion of Blue Heron. Never used it. But want to now.

Hey, I have a question - off topic, didn't you use the basic Einstein coat pattern to make a coat several months ago? I can't find it in your archives, but I seem to recall it. If so, please email me - I have a couple of questions because I'm trying to do something like that right now with freeform yoke panels on one I just started. Email Chelle C at yahoo dot com. Thanks!

Ana Petrova said...

"chellec" for some reason the eMail you gave me bounced back.

The Einstein coat try this link:

Anonymous said...

I love the hat and the halloween inspiration behind it. Couldn't you use a darning needle and just cheat those stitches back into place? Good Luck!