Friday, October 05, 2007

I have chased, clipped and felted and felted

I have been soooo busy torturing wool and felting that I've not had time to blog.

I finally chased down the sheep, cut their hair, beat the wool and voila my new hat.

(Well I could have. ;-) reality I bought roving @ Amano the closes store carrying roving and wet felted the basic hat and just to give it a nice touch I needle felted the edges with Koigu wool sock yarn that I had left over from a pair of socks.

This is a combination Halloween and / invited to an afternoon tea hat.

I was invited to the annual Honoring the Volunteers Afternoon Tea at Stitches from the Heart. The invitation said for us to wear our best hats for the formal tea. Shish I don't have a "formal tea" hat! I don't go to that many afternoon tea parties especially ones that ask to wear a formal tea hat. As a matter of fact I can not remember the last one I was invited to. So I decided to make a new hat.

I'm looking forward to this event at Kathy Silverton's home, my fun roommate from the "Sea Socks" cruise we went on earlier this year. We had so much fun and enjoyed the cruise that we are planning another knitting cruise. But I digress.... The cruise is next year so I have plenty of time to write about the fab places we will be visiting to gather more wool.

As I was "sculpting" this hat it came to me that maybe I could combine the two events Halloween/Afternoon tea. It's almost Halloween and Ellen always has a wonderful costume and party at the original Farmer's Market and this year I want to make a costume and go visit and have fun with the fun bunch of knitters at the Farmer's Market.

Can you guess who I'm going to be?
clue she lived to the ripe old age of 101 and wore these great hats......

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Ellen Bloom said...

The hat is great! Can't wait to see you for the WeHo SnB Dia de los Muertos/Halloween party!!! I can finally give you your belated b-day gift!