Monday, March 12, 2007

The Mosaic House....

I just love it when somebody steps over the line, somehow it just totally fascinates me. I hover around that "line" sometimes on this side and I must admit sometimes I too cross the "line". Gonzalo Duran certainly stepped way over that line.

I was invited by my good friend Ellen Bloom of L.A. is my Beat to the Mosaic House right here in Venice just a few blocks from me. Cheri Pann & Gonzalo Duran are the ARTISTS who created this master piece. Located at 1116 Palms Blvd Venice CA 90291 (between Lincoln Blvd & Penmar Ave)

Gonzalo has a mischievous laugh on his face as if to say I can't believe I did all this... as far as the eye can see every where you look mosaic and paint little bits of mirrors and toys and cups and saucers and buttons and the list is endless.

Each time I walked around I would see something different. Eye candy! Walking down this path was magical! I couldn't help myself I kept walking around staring in awe the light played between the mirrors and shiny spots and the details were just not to be believed.

You almost can't even photograph it because it's so busy! Wow what dedication, probably inspired by the Watts Towers and such a vision I've never seen. Did I say everywhere you looked there was mosaic.

This is the front gate the entrance to the front yard, no grass here but lots of mosaic, mosaic path ways, mosaic benches, mosaic tables, mosaic yellow, greens, reds, purples mirrors mosaic everything.

I've seen this done and I quite like the technique and would love to learn this probably would not like the whole house done is mosaic but here and there could work. I've even bought books on the subject but have not had the nerve to take the plunge. I have a bath tub that needs to be restored or thrown out, I have decided to do it in mosaic.

Here is Gonzolo showing me his bath tub and giving me tips in how to do it. I think I would like to have water lilies and big green leaves at the bottom of the old iron bathtub that we almost got rid of. I'm all excited about the project now.

This tub in the front yard servers as a sitting spot, sort of a "love seat". No need for flowers here there is plenty of color and you don't have to water it either. No weeds no yard work. Maybe there is some logic to it all.

The Kitchen, you guessed it done in mosaic.

I really have not reported this event well my friend Ellen did a much better job so if you want to see more mosaic and read her take on the party visit Ellen's L.A.'s My Beat.


Chelle said...

All I can say is Wow!! It's very artistic. Very intense to have everywhere but small areas of it would be lovely. Still, what your friends have done is quite an accomplishment.

Ellen Bloom said...

GREAT photos, Ana! You reported the intricacies of the Mosaic House beautifully! Thanks for the blog-reference.

flaky knitter said...

I love that! There's a house that looks very much like this in Milwaukee somewhere on the lake - fun statues made of found objects everywhere.