Monday, February 05, 2007

I hate the CAKE!

I hate this cake! I've gained at least 5 pounds and it wasn't even "oh well it was worth it" five pounds! The cake is in the trash!

Last Saturday I was in the San Fernando Valley at my machine knitters meeting
I decided to go over to Otto's Hungarian Delicatessen and check out the Dobos Torta. I spoke to Otto on Friday morning and he assured me that he just ordered 50 cakes and they were fresh and wonderful.

We were speaking Hungarian and I thought surely I misunderstood him with the numbers. Maybe he meant just 5 so I asked in English Fifty or Five? NO Fifty you heard me right. I have been to Otto's before and I could not imagine having the need for 50 Dobos Tortas in that sleepy little neighborhood he is in. Otto explained to me that he mail orders these cakes all over the world.

My first reaction was well how good could this cake be if he has ordered 50? Sounds like a big operation to me. Otto is a real character I wish they would have let me photograph the store and Otto and his obviously much younger "trophy" wife. Otto is not a young man I first thought the young lady there with him was his daughter but no she was his wife. Ok.

I find the store and as Otto proudly told me that he has been there for 50 years! Basically it is corner house converted to a shop. I parked and my first sight is Otto's handy work his advertising sign.
Otto and his family live next door, no commute here.

They would not let me take any pictures inside but what a vision! Every shelf packed to the rafters. Chuck full of Hungarian food stuff including a few Hungarian cook books some Herend porcelan figurenes endless amounts of Hungarian Paprika and on and on like that. Salami, kolbasz, szalonna you name it he has it.

The prices and not cheap so as I was finishing with all my purchases I say to Otto "take it easy with those numbers"

Otto: Oh I'm not here to make money!
me: You're not? Why are you here?
Otto: I love it! I don't need any more money!
me: Really?
Otto: Yes I won $3 million dollars on the lottery a couple of years ago! See I have a picture.

He shows me a picture of himself with the big wheel California Lottery, yup it was him.

My husband and I both got sick from the rich cake, we are not used to eating such buttery sweet things so we decided that the best place for the rest of the cake would be the trash. There will be no cake for his birthday. I hope I will remember this next time I get such a bright idea.


Ellen Bloom said...

Awww...after all that trouble and you threw the cake away! Too bad!

Hey! Have you tried the cream puffs at Beard Papa on Sawtelle, just north of Olympic? They are fantastic!!!

Anonymous said...

Hallo again Ana.
I just wanted to tell you that you have been tagged. It's just a game, details are on my blog!
Ciao, Rita.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ana, Otto's is in my neighborhood! I don't go there much, Otto is a little grumpy. But it's cool when I do go. The sandwich spot is a hangout for the local HS kids at lunch time. I didn't know he won Lotto!

Thanks for all the good neighborhood gossip.

Ana Petrova said...

Ellen, I think I've had my quota for those "delicious" sweet stuff for a while! But cream puffs I may make an exception!

I'm so easy I don't need much encouragement.

Ana Petrova said...

Rita, tag back at you!

PaulaRed said...

I've been trying to diet at the same time I keep thinking of making Maida Haetter's Dobosh torte. It kind of sounds like fun making all those layers, you know, the kind of fun knitters like--torture. You talked me out of the cake. Thanks! And good luck with Antifreeze if you decide to make it. PaulaRed