Friday, February 09, 2007

Dobos Torta Part Deux

We are glutten for punishment! After the last episode with the Cake and how I hated the cake I went and got another one. This time I went to

B & L Gourmet Pastries
8556 W 3rd Street - Los Angeles, CA

After major traffic and horrible parking hunt (after I found out they had parking in the back...duh) I finally parked in the Beverly Shopping center and walked over. I need the excercise so I did not mind. Of course the fabulous escalator is under construction so I had to take the STAIRS! Yes I needed the stairmaster time too....

I walk in and see the exact cake that I bought from Otto. Oh no I don't want those I say I just bought one of those cakes from Otto and it was horrible! Yes Otto buys his cakes from us but he has not bought any Dobos Tortas for over 2 YEARS! The cake you had was 2 years old! At least! What?

NO... I say... yes... she says. We are the only bakery in Los Angeles making Dobos Tortas and Otto ordered 50 cakes over 2 years ago. He freezes them and you had a frozen 2 year old cake!

When I told my husband this, he said it's a wonder we are still alive.

I was still skeptical who is telling me the truth. The 50 cakes did sound familiar and this was a bakery but I was still kind of doubtful. The young lady then asked me to sit down at the little table with a cup of coffee and asked me to try the cake and if I liked it to buy it and if it did not meet up to my standards I did not have to buy it.

Well that was very fair and very nice of her and I did sit down and what a difference a couple of years in the freezer makes!

This cake was delicious! So if you want a Dobos Torta in Los Angeles get one at
B & L Gourmet Pastries
8556 W 3rd Street - Los Angeles, CA


Ellen Bloom said...

Hmmmmm...B & of my fave bakeries in L.A. Glad to know that they really specialize in personalized service!

Anonymous said...

That is just wrong! 2 years?! A hunk of meat doesn't even last that long in a freezer...