Friday, December 15, 2006

I can be so annoying.....

The only thing I live for is to annoy her my captor/tormenter/"owner" ! I have many ways to do this but one of my favorites is to sit right behind her when she is very busy working and start whining. At first I just let out a kind of meow sound that I learned from that awful grey creature I think he's name is Clifford and he is a CAT, but he did teach me this little meow noise. I practiced and practiced and finally have it down.

At first I just do a whisper of a sound, just so she can hear me but not to annoy too much just as a courtesy sound that I'm here and I want something. Then I increase the volume ever so slightly and work up to an out and out scream! At this point she is really annoyed and usually says WHAT? Then ignores me and that is when I give her a good poking with my nose! That always gets her good. Then I just give her a blank look because I don't really want anything in specific I just want to annoy her and maybe I may get a chewy or some other attention I like.

Sometimes she does bend down and gives me a "hug" this I hate and every time she does this I just shake my whole body afterwards just to get rid of her touch and shake off the smell oy the smell...! Then I start running around to the front, to the chewy basket to the cupboard or just sit there and cry. By now she is so frustrated with me sometimes she even yells.

This is a double bonus for me because when she yells it scares my brother too, so not only is she is annoyed but he hides. It doesn't get better than that folks cheap thrills is what I'm all about. What is a bored dog to do? There is not much happening in the front yard I've chased all the animals out of the back yard. Clifford the cat next door is nowhere so what should I do? Watch tv? I hate tv. The boy likes it but for me the shows are kind of boring same old and every channel. Bad news on the news channels, same story on the other shows, the comedy sitcoms they just have that canned laughter that makes me crazy so there is not much left.

Annoy HER, bark at the people outside or ambush him and give him a bite on the rear. I call it "run-by & bite" it scares the sh....t out of him and gets HER annoyed that I'm so mean to my brother. So that is all for today, tune in again I will be back.....

The Bitch

from the boy:

What a great morning we've had I've slept most of the morning and it was devine! I love to sleep my sister sometimes tries to wake me but usually I can just ignore her. Then mommy gave us cookies for breakfast they were great, I can hardly wait for lunch. Mommy must love me very much to be so nice to me.

I think I'll take another nap and wait for lunch, it's kind of quiet around here.

The boy.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. You are so right about pets...they are adorable. Please keep visiting my blog as I plan to add more free patterns soon.

Ana Petrova said...

It was fun visiting your blog "ladyr" a little glimpse of life in Italy.

I wish your blog had RSS feed then I could add it to my list. is a great way to keep track of my friends and interesting blogs I like to read. When there is an update it lets me know.

Happy Knitting,