Thursday, December 07, 2006

He is so Silly...

My brother is so silly, I'm still on the "random acts of kindness" kick so I'm refraining from calling him stupid. Stupid is really the better description but I digress. Finally SHE got us some greenies, now I know how bad that is supposed to be for me but I LOVE greenies. After all everything we seem to love to eat is either bad for you or fattening or some weird disease will get you.

Yesterday after the beauty shop we went to Centinella Pet Feed, she forgot her coupons (ha ha) but she always forgets her coupons. I don't even know why she bothers to carefully cut them out and put them in her purse and forgets to pull them out when we are at the store. Talking about stupid, but I'm not calling her stupid but give her the benefit of the doubt and say she had a "senior moment" (ha ha) cheap thrills for me. I bet you that day will never come when she actually has the coupons when she buys something, I have not seen it yet.

She finally got greenies and I am thrilled, greenies are my absolute favorite chewy, whatever they put in them I think is addictive because if she would let me at the bag I think I would eat the whole package of greenies all 36 of them. You know these sneaky companies they add stuff that makes people addicted, she's addicted to Starbuck's whatever that is I've heard her talk about it but again I digress...

I got my greenie, I always go first I'm the queen, then he gets a greenie now here is the fun part. Whenever he gets any goodies like a cookie or chewy or a greenie he feels like he has to go and hide it. Which is fine sometimes I too get into hiding things my favorite place to hide a half chewed pigs ear is under HER pillow and then when she goes to bed she screams oh my that is funny. But my brother never ever finds a suitable place to hide anything, he takes the greenie in his big mouth and starts running around the house and the garden looking for a place.

This may take him anywhere from a half hour to sometimes a full hour and then finally he gets so tired of running around that he sits down and eats his treat. He has NEVER found a suitable place to hide anything. I just laugh my head off every time he does this it is the best.

From The Bitch
Queen Dog of the house.


From the boy:
I am so lucky mommy took me to the store and got some greenies, I tried to hide it from my sister but I gave up and it was so delicious I hope I get another one tomorrow. I love my mommy...

The boy.

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