Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Bitch...and random acts of kindness...

Finally I get to write again, she has been so busy on the phone typing stuff just a lot of .... well who knows what she is up to... but I can tell you she is ignoring us...

I over heard a conversation she had about "random acts of kindness" frankly I'm really not a fan of this but I thought it's the holiday season what the hell I'll give it a try. Last night as usual she's on the phone then typing a mile a minute and it was way past my bed time but the loyal dog that I am I sacrificed and stayed up right at her feet. I know this is not appreciated by her but I do act like a loyal dog sometimes and sit right next to her and wait patiently. My only tiny little pleasure is that sometimes she trips over me but I have to tip toe over so she does not notice where I am then I have to be very quiet but I don't always succeed but I wait and hope.

Finally we go to bed and I can't believe my eyes HE is in MY spot on the bed! Sigh... What has he lost his mind? Doesn't he know that I'm going beat the sh.... out of him? But noooo he is not moving then I remembered this "random acts of goodness or whatever" and thought ok I'll let him this time so I just jumped up on the bed and curled up next to him. It was so cold last night that as much as I hate to admit it the warmth kind of felt nice.

Guess it was a two dog night last night... (ha ha ha) I am so funny sometimes I crack myself up! My only pay off was that we were on top of the blanket and she had to sleep like a statue because she did not want us to fight. Oh yes I'm not above having a dragged out fur flying fight right there on top of the bed in the middle of the night and it usually scares the sh... out of her. But as a random kindness blah blah I let it go this time.

The Queen Bitch


For some reason my mean old sister let me sleep on the bed last night. It was wonderful! We were so warm and cozy and I know after all she must love me. I knew she would come around. And mommy slept so well she never even moved, although she was complaining about how stiff she was. But she never kicked me or anything she must love me very much.

The boy

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