Saturday, August 13, 2005

Freeform Knitting

Should I have taken a class?
I started this project after seeing a sample at one of my LYS. The minute I looked at Prudence Mapstone's book and pictures of her beautiful work I was intrigued. I wanted to do that. It seemed right up my alley, I hate following a pattern I'm sort of the free spirit kind of knitter, even if I do try to follow patterns I always tweak them a bit. So this style of knitting seemed like a good way to go. Besides all those odds and ends that I have saved, at last a project to use them up.

The class was on a Saturday and they promised I would:
Learn how easy it is to combine simple knitting and crochet stitches in a multi-directional manner.
Make samples and patches that you can join together to create your own exciting freeform fabrics.
Your fabric can be made to whatever size and shape you desire, and could eventually become anything from a wearable-art garment to a unique home decorator item.
Participants must know basic knitting and crochet techniques.

Students will need to bring assorted knitting needles and crochet hooks and a wide selection of many different yarns, plus scissors. For best results, choose yarns in colors that you feel will go well together, and in a wide variety of different thicknesses, textures and fiber contents.

Price: $200.00
Prudence Mapstone is teaching the class.
These are some of the pictures that inspired me. The woman even does Umbrellas.... how could I resist?

Why is she climbing up the wall? Maybe she is just so thrilled with the sweater or maybe she' trying to get away.
How could I resist!

But $200 dollars? And spending several hours of my Saturday. And they are not even supplying the yarn?
I thought $200 dollars would buy plenty of beautiful yarn and I could just look at the pictures and go at it.
I bought the book. I think that cost me $30 bucks.

Go at it I did, but I ran out of speed and 3/4 done I look at it once in a while and put it away again. In the interim I've changed styles and I don't like all the yarn and and and..... Well maybe this will inspire me to finish this project, at least make a vest out of it. At first I was going to make sleeves too but that seems too ambitious.

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Anonymous said...

This piece is gorgeous, Ana. It should definitely be completed!

I tried to find your shadow knitting project (I'm sure I've seen it), but no can do.