Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Cheap Yarn Beautiful Project....

This is a project I made from a cotton Boucle I bought at Newtons Yarns, Anaheim, California And by the way Newtons is giving away FREE yarn! It is for real!

I posted this on the Knitters Review Forum and boy oh boy, there was a lot of skeptics. But it is for real Norman Newton is giving away yarn, he is trying to clear his warehouse and rather than throwing it away he thought he would just give it to yarnaholics.

A lot of people on the forum thought it was a scam. I have been to Newtons, I wish they were closer to my house, it's about an hour drive to Anaheim from Venice Beach (depending on traffic) but then again if I was closer I would have more yarn than I already have, there is no more room at my house.

So the reason I posted this project so people could see and example of some of the yarn that I have gotten in the past from Newtons. This was not free but cheap.

The whole cone of 2.5 pounds cost me about 6 dollars. I loved the color and the feel. It's very soft and easy to wear. I get lots of compliments when I wear this one. Because it's cotton it's a good summer sweater. Now that I'm looking at it I'm inspired to make another.

The pattern is my design. The technique: machine knitted panels and picked up stitches and hand knit some of the trim and then crochet the rest. I just sort of started and built it as I went along. When I felt like crochet I did and when I felt like hand knitting I did. I'm pleased with the outcome.

The broche is Recycled bakelite. This artist takes older costume jewelry and makes new costume jewelry. Unfortunately I have forgotten her name I would love to get more of this stuff, this is one of my favorites.

Let me know how you like it.

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