Thursday, August 11, 2005


My mother used to tell me that she first got the buttons, then got yarn and a project to match her buttons and yarn. Backwards maybe but sometimes I see her point.

Of course she did not have the selection and sources that I'm lucky to have. We lived in Budapest. But collecting buttons stuck with me. I inherited her collections and her compulsion to collect buttons. To my surprise I too have started projects with buttons picked out first. Go figure!

Not too long ago my 24 year old son was visiting and I was in the middle of sorting/looking/playing with my buttons and the phone rang so I left the room when I got back there he was sorting my buttons. It was kind of funny to see this grown man playing around with my buttons. He remembered some of the buttons from his grandmother, she used to let him play with them when he was little. It was a sweet memory.

Too many buttons in my collection, how big is your button collection?

All this talk about buttons I started to organize my button collection and I can't believe how many I have. I think it's time to thin it out and STOP collecting.

I think the knitting ladies at the senior center will be thrilled with my new donation, buttons.

What is it about buttons that so fascinates? They are fun.

Take a look at my collection

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