Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Falling in Love with the Latest

When you knit like I do and design on the fly, there is a lot of experimentation involved. Not every project turns out as a WOW piece. Some projects are just one color and not very much pizzaz to them at all. It's always easier to work on a project that I LOVE and is a bit challenging. This latest "creation" is just one of those that I'm currently in LOVE with. I was wearing it yesterday and it was warm cozy and the colors were up-lifting.

First I want to tell you in case you have not noticed that I prefer COLOR! The bolder and brighter the better. I have my favorite color ways and I seem to pick the same colors, I think most people are the same way. There are times when I step out of my "comfort" zone but usually I gravitate towards the same hues and colors. Through the years I've found what looks good on me and I stick to it.

The shawl was knitted many years ago and the whimsical squiggly "stash buster" edge was added a couple of years after the shawl was finished. When I added it together with my current "Winged Vest" they blended perfectly. Adding my Silver monkey pin for the closer it seemed to add just the right little accent.

Made with Noro Silk Garden, wool yarn with silk from my stash. Yarn that I've had for a long time patiently waiting to become something. 

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