Sunday, February 17, 2013

All Shook Up

Life is busy, trying to get everything done before driving up to Santa Clara is fun and exhausting. When I pack for a knitting event it's totally different than packing for just a vacation. First I would like to be a light packer but I never accomplish this. I fall into the what if I need this or that.

In reality I usually don't need everything I packed but if I did not pack it I need it and wish I had it. Then it makes a difference if I'm driving or flying. When driving I'm worse I take soooo much stuff it's comical.

Ok I have to stop posting this because this happened and I am all shook up!

I was at my local Staples making copies for a class I was teaching on Short Rows. Just standing there stapling the pages together. BAM! BANG, CRASH, KABOOOM! 

I thought that the meteor hit us, but no it was an old lady in a Cadillac! Drove right through the wall 2 feet from where I was standing. Scared me so that I started shaking like a bowl of jello. 

When I finally went outside to see what happened this lady was just sitting there cool as a cucumber saying that her brakes did not work. Although the witnesses said that she floored it, she must have stepped on the gas not the brakes.  I guess it was my Lucky Day! Lucky that she did not run me over.

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