Tuesday, October 23, 2012

At last it's cool enough to start wearing wool!

First thing in the mornings I usually stumble out of bed and head to the front door to let Lucy (my little faithful doggie) out for her morning "tinkle". Just to make sure she does not get lazy and try and do it in the house. My eyes are half open and usually I get up early and it's still kind of dark outside. Lucy did not want to get up this morning and refused to go outside! I knew it must be raining! She hates rain!

I don't know about you but I like to see pictures in blogs because I will confess I don't always read all the blog content. So if you are like I am here is a pictorial collage summing up this post.

Yay! The weather has changed and it's starting to get cool, it's time to wear my sweaters and woolens. Last winter I loved wearing this and I carefully laundered it ready for the new season. The wool held up really well, I think it got softer and more cozy. I'm thrilled with the results. Sometimes projects work out well and it's very satisfying.

This project started out with some wool roving I got from "The sheep shed studio"
It was basically a huge box of odds and ends 5lb of it. The fiber was really nice but the color! White with a black stripe running through it a very nice texture and I saw potential. So I decided to dye it in the pot just "Willie Nillie".

I took about a pound of fiber shoved in the pot added water and a bit of vinegar then squirted dye. The dye I'm using is Jacquard Acid dye. No measuring just sort of eyeballing the colors.

The letting it simmer on very low heat for about 15 minutes.

Then some much needed spinning lessons from Judith McKenzie. Love Judith she is just one of the high priestess' of spinning. Her classes are relaxing and she dazzled us with her knowledge of fiber and spinning weaving knitting etc. Loved her stories about living on a ranch and her life experiences in the love of fiber. I learned a lot and her materials fee was low and she was very generous with her fiber samples. We got enough fiber to actually make something. 

We learned how to control our spinning gauge and I loved the thick and thin stuff also. I finished enough yarn in class to make this little shawlette.

When I got home I plied all the fiber and already had this "shawl sweater" in mind. Made a "Swirly Swirl" neck piece to go with it for those extra cold days. 

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