Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sheep to Shawl

This is my one year anniversary of being a "spinner". My Ashford Joy spinning wheel is one year old. Because my DH bought me this great gift last year for my birthday I've decided to celebrate the spinning anniversary rather than how many years I've lived on this earth.

My attempt to a "sheep to shawl" is kind of sort of almost there but I have a lot to learn. This does not stop me, I am just plowing on and knitting a shawl from the Dorset fleece I got from Escondido. As I wrote about last April: "Flirting with Skirting".

The wool is "Dorset" from the Escondido Wool Festival this last spring. I do not think it's ideal for a shawl but that is what I decided to knit. I was going to make socks but then I would have to dye it because the last time I knit a light colored pair of socks they got very dirty and washing did not seem to clean them. So socks is out because I do not want to dye this wool, I want to leave it with the least processing as possible. Don't know why but that is what I decided to do and it's my hobby and I can do what ever I feel like with it.

More combing and spinning then of course knitting, I will post my progress.

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Ellen Bloom said...

Happy Spinning B-Day, Ana Dear!