Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring cleaning

The weather has been warming up and it's time to make the "switch". I call it the switch because I have to dig out some lighter weight clothing and switch my knitting from winter warm wooly things to summer cottonish stuff. My first instinct is to go to my LYS and buy new yarn to start a new project! I always forget that I have a "yarn cave" full of yarn. The yarn cave is our spare bedroom and yes it's full of storage boxes of yarnie stuff.

This time I was very clever and shopped at home! Wow so much I've forgotten about, I have some beautiful yarn right here waiting to be knit and enjoyed. I might add that I am very proud of myself for doing just this and resisting the temptation of buying new yarn.

Of course there was no ball band so I can only guess what I have. The content looks like some sort of mercerized cotton and maybe a rayon mix. When I give it the burn test it does smell like wood burning. There is a lovely shine to it and it's a cross between DK and Worsted weight. I chose to knit it on size 8 needles. And there was 2 of them just sitting in a box waiting to be made into a summer sweater/vest.

Lovely drape and it's just "my" colors. Why else would I have bought it?

Because I'm not sure how much yarn I have I decided to knit a top down something. I'm guessing that each yarn cake has about 350 yards and they weigh approx. 230 grms.

Short sleeve summer bolero, so far so good. I have my fingers crossed that I have enough yarn to at least make it a decent length. That is the great part about knitting from the top down, when you run out of yarn you stop.

I do have some "friendly" colorways to maybe add trimming if needed.


Joanne said...

Pretty yarn = pretty garment. Looking forward to seeing your vest.

Beth said...

Just discovered your blog. How did this project turn out? And I know what you mean about back pain after working in the yard. I discovered muscles I didn't know I had. They were all in spasm in protest! Really want to know about your sweater.