Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Zipper installation

I'm updating this post because I just found this by "splityarn"

"esiest knitted sweater zipper install ever"

The title alone made me take a look and she may be right!

And she says "Hold on while I blow your mind at the simplicity"

She uses Blocking Wires! That I think is brilliant and will probably work best! I will have to try this method so I am updating this post for when I am ready to install a zipper to my sweater.

Here are some other methods that I thought were useful:

This method is somewhat useful because of the double sided tape use, instead of using pins to baste the zipper. I like to sew the zippers by hand, baste it first with a highly contrasting color thread and a matching thread to sew the final seam. When choosing a thread to match your knitting and if there is a choice of colors always pick the darker color.

I find a lot of people do not like to sew and if they can use the sewing machine the better. For me my knit projects do not like to be machine sewn. If a sewing machine is used I have to be extremely careful and go very slowly. Hand sewing is gentler and easier for me besides I don't have to drag out the sewing machine the plug etc.

I like the idea of the double sided tape. They are using "Wonder Tape" . I wonder what will happen when washed? Yes I know they say to only use it on hand washed items not to be thrown in the washer or dryer. But still ...... I wonder how wonderful this "Wonder Tape" is?

Does JoAnn's have it? I see you can buy it online but there is always shipping costs and the instant gratification factor. My project is still several weeks away from being finished but I think I will try this method out on a smaller project just to test this Wonder Tape and what will happen if you do throw it in the washer and dryer.


Michael said...

Wonder tape will not substitute for sewing. It can be a wonderful basting for knit fabrics of all sorts but it disolves in water- the base is gelatin!

Ana Petrova said...

Michael I did not mean to say to use the tape instead of sewing maybe I wrote the piece not as clear as I should have. Thanks for commenting.

I'm going to go to JoAnn's today and look for this Wonder Tape.