Thursday, July 29, 2010

Round and Round and Spinning and Spinning

So many times I've been at knitting events and have been asked if I spun. And I would answer that only around my own axis because I just don't get it. I've purchased several drop spindles and roving hoping to master the art of drop spindling. ( That may not be the right word, but you know what I mean.) It looked so easy when others were doing it and I thought well surely I can do that if that person can. Well not so fast missy, it was not that easy. The yarn that I spun looked very sad and then I would give up till the next knitting event and I would buy a different spindle hoping maybe that was what made the difference. But no that did not work and I did repeat this about 4 times, I know this because I found 4 drop spindles in the "spinning" department of my storage room (aka. the spare bedroom).

My friend Andy shared that she just bought a "Meggie" and that it was so much easier to use than a drop spindle because you use your feet. Yes if I could use both my hands then spin with my foot that is it, maybe this may work for me. So I went for spindle #5 and ordered it from a seller on Etsy. This one is advertised as a spindle/wheel. You may ask why not just jump right in and get a spinning wheel? I'm not sure but I did not want that much commitment and expense. Also there is the which wheel should I get and the spinning guild and so much equipment will be needed and I have so little space.

The little Meggie arrived very fast but to my chagrin the shaft was cracked and the little hook fell out and was obviously damaged. I eMailed the the seller and got an answer that they will replace the shaft not to worry. (I'm still waiting.)

I was complaining bitterly about this because I was ready to sit down and start spinning, my husband was very sympathetic. He is really good that way, he immediately said that he may be able to help out and fix it. I showed him one of the hooks on a drop spindle which was much more substantial than the little tiny hook that fell out. "I want a hook in there like this one" I told him.

A half hour later he came back with the spindle fixed. God Bless his heart he is so handy that way. He told me that the hook is now two inches down the shaft and will not come out no matter how much I tug on it.

Link to the Meggie:

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