Friday, July 23, 2010

It's cooked

It took a bit of time to post about it but here it is my last dyeing & knitting project from start to finish. In case you can not tell what it is: a yarn cozy. It's designed to hold my ball or "cake" of yarn to protect it and to keep it from getting tangled up. Notice there is a center pull hole at the bottom should I choose to use that feature.

I find when I use a "center pull" the yarn sort of collapses towards the end and gets all tangled up. This clever holder prevents that, the wool sort of sticks to the yarn and keeps it from tangling. I try and use what is considered a rough wool and bright colors also add some stitches that maybe fun to do. I used food coloring to dye the yarn and steamed it in the vegetable steamer.

This particular project I knit the bottom by "short rowing" making a circle. If you want the pattern for the bottom scroll down.

Approximate gauge: 5 sts = 1"

(Gauge is not that important here because this is going to be "felted")

  1. k
  2. sl1, k10, turn
  3. yo, k to end
  4. sl1, k9, turn
  5. yo, k to end
  6. sl1, k8, turn
  7. yo, k to end
  8. sl1, k7, turn
  9. yo, k to end
  10. sl1, k6, turn
  11. yo, k to end
  12. sl1, k5, turn
  13. yo, k to end
  14. sl1, k4, turn
  15. yo, k to end
  16. sl1, k3, turn
  17. yo, k to end
  18. sl1, k2, turn
  19. yo, k to end

Knit all the yo's together to eliminate the holes.

(kyotog - knit yarn over together with the next stitch.)

  1. sl1, k1, kyotog, *kyotog*, to the end of the row.
  2. k

Repeat rows 1-21 six times bind off.

Sew the edges together to make a circle and weave in ends. Throw it in the washing machine with hot water and your other wash. Let the whole cycle run take it out wet.

This will be the bottom of the bag. While it's wet I pick up stitches all around the circle bottom by poking a small crochet hook and pulling the yarn and placing it on a circular needle. (It molds better and will dry as you are knitting.) Then knit 5 rows, turn around knit 5 more rows the other way. Using the yarn over technique to prevent the hole where you turned around.

Happy Knitting


Joanne said...

How very cool!!

Marla said...

You are always thinking and doing with your creative soul. I love seeing your process.