Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Shawl by Natalie

Shawl by Natalie, originally uploaded by BananaKnits.

I took a photo class yesterday and boy did I have fun. I'm exhausted today but I've learned some new techniques to photograph knitted projects. Here is the best shot of the day's shooting, my friend Natalie posing with her garter stitch shawl. Natalie calls it "Hollywood Shawl" at least her version of the pattern "Mara". The color is rich and rusty red, looks great on Natalie.

On Natalie's Ravelry page she describes it:

"This shawl is Mara-inspired but in the end bears no resemblance to the pattern. I added eyelet rows to lighten it up and went for a ruffled edge rather than the ribbed edge."
The pattern is available free "Mara"


Ellen Bloom said...

Whoa! That IS a great shot of Natalie's shawl! It's the perfect combination of good light, an attractive project and an excellent model, along with your good eye, Ms. Ana Banana!

Tece said...

Thanks for sharing your photo, Ana, and thank you , too, for the free pattern!

Unknown said...

Hey Ana, it was a pleasure having you in the class. Hope to see you again soon!
ps love the shot of Natalie.

Natalie said...

Well, lookie there. I wasn't expecting me to pop up on your blog. Nice photo. Both me and the shawl look great. Tuesday's photo workshop was so much fun. Now I need to upload my and Ellen are so on the ball.