Thursday, May 13, 2010

Planning Ahead

As I have mentioned before on this blog, I belong to a knitting guild and I am the "program" chair person. (I find the "talent" and book the "talent") So far this past month in April for the spring workshop we flew Amy Singer out here from Toronto, Canada. The workshop she gave was "Plug and Play - Design your own lace shawl."
(Amy is the creator of

Amy and I had a great time visiting Venice Beach. If you have ever walked along the Venice Beach Boardwalk, you know what a fun and what an unusual place it is. I love visitors because it gives me a chance to go down there and act like a tourist. Look at all the "artwork" the streets performers etc. Lots and Lots of "stuff" to see.

Amy and I also searched local Japanese book stores for knitting books. I come to find out that most of the Japanese knitting books have charts that are easy to follow so you do not need to know how to read Japanese. There were some beautiful knitting books we saw. Like this one.

This coming October we are very lucky to have Anna Zilboorg come to teach us. The workshop will be all day Saturday and all day Sunday.

Saturday Workshop:

Austrian twisted travelling stitches create patterns in high relief that resemble woodcarvings. They are easy to do once one has learned a few special techniques (among them, how to interpret the charts) and had a little practice. They can also provide a wonderful base for embroidery.

The class will begin working in the round (since that is easiest with these patterns) making a water bottle cover. Then we’ll go on to flat knitting, with a cell-phone cover that could easily turn into cuffs for an elegant sweater.

Students will need to bring worsted weight yarn and 5 dp or two circular needles. (Dk weight yarn is also okay.)

Sunday Workshop:
Stranded Knitting or STRANDING

Everything you need to know about two-colored knitting will start with how to make a steek and slash it without a sewing machine. Then we’ll make a sun glass case practicing two-handed knitting in the round and carrying one color over long distances. Finally, we’ll knit backwards with one hand and with two, for those times when going in circles cannot be done.

Students will need yarn in two contrasting colors with dp needles.

If by chance you do not know who Anna Zilboorg is, here is a list of her published books on Amazon.

Read an article about Anna on the Knitting Universe site.


Merna said...

Love your blog Ana -- and I'm a big fan of Anna Zilborg too. The Southern California Handweavers' Guild meets at exactly the same time as the knitting guild, so I've never been able to join you.

Where exactly did you and Amy find the best Japanese knitting books?

Ana Petrova said...

Along Sawtelle Blvd. between Olympic and Santa Monica.

IrishGirlieKnits said...

Talk about booking some talent!! What an awesome knitting group you have Ana!!

My two classes at Sock Summit last year were with Anna Zilborg and Amy Singer...both are awesome teachers!!

Natalie said...

Your October workshop with Anna Zilborg sounds very interesting. How would one go about finding out more about it? It looks like you had a great time with Amy Singer.

Joanne said... have more fun than any 2 people I know, combined!! One of these days (maybe in the fall) I'm going to come and attend one of your classes, and the classes of some of your "talent". Keep in touch!