Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The other day I made a "Honey Do List"

Trying to do a favor for my DH so he would not be bored on Sunday because I was busy teaching a knitting class. I usually do not schedule things for Sundays but it could not be helped or at least I was not willing to change this exciting new class I'm teaching.

I made up a nice short list of things he could fix for me around the house. He loves to tinker and he loves to fix things and he is very handy. I decided that I needed and extra automatic light for the path to the garage. No problem he said and took off for our local Home Depot for parts.

I came home and I did not see a new light but my bicycle was missing. Honey what happened to the new light and where is my bicycle?

Very proudly he points to the ceiling and there is my bicycle hanging way up towards the ceiling of the garage. He built a very complex hoist to get my bicycle out of the way. Oh the light? Are you sure you need a new light?

I'm just saying......


Ellen Bloom said...

Hahahaha! He fixed you, alright! Now, your bike is on the ceiling so you can't get to it easily AND you're going to stumble your way from the garage to the house! Oy!

Angela said...

Hey, I was just thinking that I missed you! Once I get through my holiday knitting and evaluate my UFO situation, I am going to make myself a pair of Valenkis, a la Ana. Have a great holiday!--Angela

Lenni Witt said...

Oh, my gosh, Ana - I cna just hear you - "I'm just saying" - hope you are well and enjoy the holiday.