Saturday, November 14, 2009

The "Weaver's Knot"

A sturdy tight and small knot to join two ends of yarn or string together. This is one of my new favorite knots it's very similar to a knot my mother showed me oh so many years ago but I think this one is easier to teach and is just as good or dare I say maybe better.

When I get a hank of yarn and have decided the project I want to make I usually wind it very carefully. I feel the fiber between my fingers as I wind the ball to be sure to catch any "factory knots" you know those nasty little knots that some yarn have. I always think that I'm being cheated a little because I don't expect to buy an expensive ball of yarn just to find some unexpected knots. This should be part of "quality control".

This is especially annoying when I'm knitting socks, even a small knot is a problem, socks I would like to have the same strand of yarn without knots! I think my tender little footsies will feel that knot, then there is the dilemma should it be in the bottom of the foot or the top of the foot? Yes folks these are my big worries of the day! Wow how lucky I am. I feel good and I'm off to my Sand and Sea Knitting Guild November meeting.

If yarn manufacturers read this please do not "slip" any knots in my balls.

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