Friday, November 27, 2009

I usually do not share this kind of thing but....

My knitting has come to a halt! Just like that, my right thumb is injured and it hurts like the dickens! A turkey was involved, chopping and dicing was involved but it's not serious and will heal but I want to knit!

After cooking 4 turkeys and making enough stuffing for a whole division my hands are thrashed. Tackling turkey necks and gizzards and lifting these huge birds whew I’m glad this only happens once a year. Next year I’m seriously rethinking this big bird frying bit.

As delicious as fried turkeys are I’m not sure all this pain & weight gain is worth it all. I’m having a serious turkey hangover. I’m sure I gained a few pounds and my back hurts and I’m kind of groggy. Gee and we have the Christmas Holiday to go yet, if my family wants turkey somebody else will have to do the cooking and that involves the buying the turkey the getting it out of the car and opening it up and all the preparations. Not like my DH seems to think that he is the "maestro" and I am the assistant. Oh did I mention the state of the kitchen? It looks like a war zone? I must go now with rubber gloves on aching back sore thumb and all the kitchen must be cleaned up!

The dinner for L.A.P.D. Pacific Division went really well, each year we get more food donated and the officers love it all.


Joanne said...

You did a good thing, Ana, and now you deserve your rest and relaxation. Take care of yourself...especially that sore back and thumb. I hope that you're back to knitting soon.

Ellen Bloom said...

Wow! Your new name is Saint Ana! How nice of you to feed the cops!

Anonymous said...

I love your post. Feel better soon!
Christine G.