Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A limerick...

My friend Carol who is not a knitter, called me last night .....

Me: Oh Carol I can't talk right now.
Carol: Why?
Me: I'm just busy.
Carol: What are you doing?
Me: Knitting a sock.
Carol: Knitting a sock?
Me: Yes knitting a sock and I forgot how to turn the heel and I am in a tizzy. I'm going on a Sea Sock knitting Cruise and I forgot how to turn a heel!
Carol: Are you sure you are alright?
Me: No, I have to choose sock yarn to take what needles to pack and figure out how to turn a heel!
Carol: Let me see if I understand this you are going on a Cruise and you will be knitting socks on the high seas?
Me: Yes, doesn't that sound glorious, to be cruising along and knitting socks.....
Carol: Oh I'm worried, I think you have crossed over the line. I'll call you tomorrow

Then I checked my eMail and Carol sent me this limerick.

There once was a woman named AnaBanana,
Who loved to sail and to knit
What shall I do cried she in a fit
As she sat on the keel,
I've forgotten how to turn a heel!

Then I got this other limerick from Carol, she is very talented with words and is a great artist.

There was a knitter named Ana
One day she said, "Oh damma!"
How bad I feel
My head does reel
Cause I forgot
How to turn a heel!

But harmless and much fun, it certainly brought a smile to my face.


Ang said...

a great poem, have fun on your cruise.

Ang said...

I checked out the link you left for me on TKT, it's wonderful. That's the kind of thing I want to end up with. One day eh?

thank you for the link.

Laura said...

My sister called me this morning to tell me about two knitters she met this morning at Starbucks -- tunrs out one of them was you! I told her I had commented to you a few weeks ago. What a small world. I am so looking forward to the cruise -- Patricia just got me on the bus for the Marin Fiber Arts tour -- yay! I'm wondering what kind of clothes to bring -- and what yarn! I'll look for you on the ship. - Laura

Ana Petrova said...

It was so fun seeing another knitter right here at one of the Starbucks I visit.

What a beautiful freeform shawl! I recognized the style and Kim recognized me from this blog! Well there you have it. It really is a small world.