Thursday, April 12, 2007

I hate to keep complaining but....

SHE is so silly.... after living together for all these years SHE still does not realize how smart I really am, I get no respect at all. I woke up this morning bright and early around 4 am my usual magic hour that I like to first wake up and I yelped a few times for HER to come and open the door. SHE really gets annoyed with this one I don't know why if I'm awake SHE should be awake too is my motto.

Anyway I was so hungry and had to tinkle and finally SHE got up and awake enough for me to communicate with HER. I was sending HER mental messages, well I can't talk like humans I do have a number of noises that I can make and SHE usually understands. Not this morning she is just ignoring me!

SHE gave me such a lousy dinner last night I barely got a half of chicken breast and the way SHE cooked it oh...... but I ate it then I was still hungry and SHE tells me to eat kibble. Kibble those dry little may even have poison in them dog food kibble? What is SHE thinking? But I was forced to eat them the dry little droplets that look like rabbit droppings but I ate it out of desperation.

I am still hungry this morning and I want her to cook me something delicious so I spotted HER apron in the dining room (not where it belongs) and I know what that apron means cooking! So I sit down and start trying to get HER attention, I bark, I scream and SHE is just looking at me like I'm crazy. SHE's asking me what I want by the chair what's in the apron?

Isn't this obvious I'm pointing at HER apron so she would put it on and cook breakfast! Oh I have my job cut out for me, SHE is so slow...... I suppose she would rather go upstairs and knit! Knit, knit that is all she wants to do and the yarn collection she has crossed over "the line" with this one for sure! I'll have to tell you about that another time.

The Bitch

and from the Boy

I had the most delicious dinner last night chicken breast cooked by my favorite chef, mommy. She is such a wonderful talented cook, cooks for me from "scratch" so delicious! Always a wonderful variety of food so I don't get bored. I am the luckiest dog on the planet.

I think I will go take a nap my sister tried to wake us all up at the crack of dawn, I hate her sometimes. That Bitch never respects the fact that I like to sleep in I need at least 12 hours a day of sleeping/resting time. I work so hard during the day guarding, barking and alerting everybody I get exhausted so I need my sleep!

Have a wonderful day!

The Boy


Ang said...

What a great post!

Ana Petrova said...

Thank you. This little dog is a source of entertainment for me all day. She never disappoints.