Friday, April 06, 2007

I'm cheating!

I walked in to my favorite LYS actually I was planning to go next door to the sewing store but all that yarn just draws me in I am so weak when it comes to yarn I have so much but I still want more. I was after some silk thread to sew my newest design. I've been working on in the last couple of weeks. Lots of knitting, counting rows designing planning and executing. Not to talk about the sewing together.... shish that takes me almost longer than to knit the darn thing.

My friend Brandi calls me bright and early because that is what she does, and wants to know if I want more of that wonderful pink wool yarn? I love that yarn but I tell her that I have so much yarn right now if I locked myself up and put myself under house arrest and did nothing but knit I don't think 2 years would do it maybe in 3 years I would have knit up all that I have. That is like a full time job with no other hobbies interests maybe not even eating or sleeping just knitting, knitting, knitting....... yeah I think maybe in 3 years time I could finish knitting up all that I have.

So I thanked her very much but refused, but she says you knit such wonderful things out of this yarn at least think about it. So I slept on it and thought about it and decided what the heck I have so much what's another huge ball between friends.

The week before Brandi already gave me a huge amount of pink yarn. I already had enough to knit a car cozy but she had more. I love this yarn the sweaters I've made from it feel like wearing a cloud. Soft and light weight yet warm.

A wool and silk boucle and did I say that I have lots of it? My DH is starting to ask me if I'm going to be wearing pink sweaters from now on. Maybe.

I'm pleased with how it's coming along... one of the ladies in there asked how in the world I knit so fast. Well I made the bulk of this sweater on the machine! I love my knitting machine, talk about instant gratification. It works like magic!

Well she says "That's Cheating!"

Oh I'm cheating, I didn't know that there were rules! I did not get the memo!

Well here it is cheating and all, 850 rows for the ruffle!

Machine knitting by the way is not an easy skill!

There is still plenty of "hand" work to be done, sometimes it takes me longer to put the garment together and knit all the "hand knitted" parts than the machine knitted parts.
I also did this one and there is still more left for more pink things. Maybe the car cozy idea!


Ellen Bloom said...

Positively faboo designs, Ms. Ana! You are definitely "in the pink."

Ang said...

I completely agree, machine knitting is not cheating! Lovely designs btw.

Wendi said...

wow. That sure is SUM yarn! It's great you can find stuff to knit it all!

disabled grandmother said...

Beautiful... I like pink anyway.
I have a bond machine and am looking for a machine that does puchcard and such. If you know of anyone please let me know.