Saturday, June 03, 2006

Moth & Wool

It is that time of the year again even here in Venice Beach California. I know we are not supposed to have seasons but we do. It is finally too warm to wear my wools. Also I have a huge collection of "wool" stash.

Here is what I know about storing and the mortal enemy of wool "The Moth".

Well there is always the obvious stuff like moth balls but I hate that smell. Then there are various natural moth repellents that I know:

Lavender, rosemary, mint, thyme, ginseng, whole cloves, whole black pepper corns, lemon,

Cedar chest, cedar shavings.

To sum it up moth's do not like smells. When I lived in Europe we used to keep soap bars in the sweater drawers, ie lavender soap, dove soap any soap bar or we made pot pourri sachet. To make a sachet: a pair of nylon stockings and some ribbon, and your pot pourri or cloves, or lavender or black pepper corns etc. and tie little handful and cut, sort of like making sausage.

Now here are some methods I've only read about.

It's not really the moth that eats the wool but it's larvae the little worm is the culprit. By the time they fly around it's too late they have layed their eggs. So it's the eggs and larvae that need to be killed.

Pop the wool garment or yarn in the microwave. What I have read was 10 seconds but, I've been doing it for 1 minute per load. Seemed to work but I don't know. After microwaving I am putting the wool garment or wool yarn in a paper bag.

So as I was stuffing the microwave full of yarn, spraying a little water and setting the timer and stepping aside....I notice my husband kind of giving me that look......"I won't even ask"

My response was "This is the latest thing! Everybody's doing it! You have to Nuke your wool!"
Funny I didn't notice any of this last season. So much yarn so little time.

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