Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Just Got my Hanne Falkenberg "Mermaid"

I'm a glutten for punishment, what can I tell you. I love knitting this thin rough wool on smalll needles with difficult to understand instructions.

But I'm not alone there are others I'm part of a knitalong:

So I'm knitting along and the piece is getting bigger and bigger, resting in my guessed it HOT....wool's the first day of summer and it's warm. I can't knit a wool sweater in this heat! So I decided to make the "The Parrot" it's a cousin of the Mermaid. All cotton in this lovely rusty color. The gauge is about the same as the Hanne wool but it's cotton and light weight. This is a great knit! I love knitting it. I think I'm only going to make a vest, no sleeves, I'll post pictures as I progress....

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