Friday, January 24, 2014

Skipping right over Fall and we are in the middle of Winter

Although judging from our weather here in Southern California winter has not showed up yet. The Swing Vest kick that I'm on right now have been perfect for our climate. Keeps me warm yet not too warm, I've come to the conclusion that vests are my favorite garments to wear.

A friend of mine asked me how many of these swing vests have I made and it stopped me to count. I confess I've made several. It all started with the "Wingspan Vest" made out of Noro Silk Garden yarn. This piece was a great success, feels nice and an easy wear.

And if and when it gets cold enough I wear this shawl that I made years ago and so happens to match.

Too warm so next came "Rusty Wings" made of sock yarn.

When I was teaching at Newtons Yarn Country I fell in love with their Nevada yarn. It's a wonderful rayon and drapes really beautifully. I named this one "Birds of a Feather".


Then when I got this wonderful wool in Estonia I made the "Vera Vest", decided to add a collar and this one I think is my favorite. I love wearing it.

And then there is this one that I kind of updated with my leftover felting.

And on the needles soon to be finished (I hope). The working name is "Squiggly" for obvious reasons. 


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Joanne said...

Gorgeous, Ana! I'm glad you're updating your blog again. I've missed reading it. said...

Love the Vest in the middle of the page with the lace rows ( multi colored).... Could you please tell me about the pattern you used for this... it is so beautiful . Best wihes Silvia from germany ....

lisodile said...

Hello Madame - Congratulation for all your knitting works .... I love-love-love + + your Vera vest ... BUT .... no pattern .. please, could you help me. Lots of thanks from NZ :)