Friday, August 16, 2013

Life on board the ship.

Joan checking her eMail and updating her blog. She was convinced that the connection was better in the hallway. I guess it worked for her.

Coffee for me, in the Lido lounge. This early in the morning the place is empty. They do offer a limited offerings 24 hours a day. Being on a cruise you do not go hungry.

There are several choices for meals, buffet style or sit down dinners. I prefer being served in the dining room. And I find the food has been really wonderful, I guess I will diet at home.

I hope I don't bore you to death but here is what I had for dinner last night. Joan has been taking pictures of all the food she has, I get bored with doing that and most of the time by the time I remember I've eaten half of it. But last night we had success I managed to take a picture before I delicately gobbled up my food.

Before I left home I was listening to a radio show and they were talking about people who take pictures of their food. And the study shows that if you take pictures before you eat or any ritual you may have, satisfies and slows down your hunger. I'm not really sure that this works for me, I had no trouble at all finishing each course. But all this travel and sea are makes me hungry.

Cream of mushroom soup, delicious.....

Ceasar salad, delicious...... small portions because there is soooo much food.

And yes dessert........

After posting this I don't think I should eat today!

Location:At sea in the Baltics....

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