Monday, June 06, 2011

How to slow down my knitting

Slow it way way down..... actually I've been in so much back pain that I could not even knit! My dear husband remarked "You must really be sick you are not even knitting". I was doing some yard work and pulling some weeds, cutting some bamboo and actually having a great time out in the yard. The weather was great I was full of energy and Lucy by my side helping me dig we had a terrific time. This is the "growing" season for my Hawaiian Golden Bamboo and as you might guess it's growing like crazy. I love the way it looks and it serves a a natural "high" fence. The next day I was flat on my back and could not move from the pain.

Oh why did I do that? Oh it was not worth it! I'm never doing that again! Now I just have to wait to get better. It's a slow process but I am on the mend.

Soon I'll update my progress on my latest project the "Red Neck" sweater.

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Ellen Bloom said...

Awwww...I'm so sorry that you hurt your back, Ana! Peter's must really be in pain if you're NOT knitting! Yikes! Take care and remember to just sit on the couch and knit from now on!!! No more digging! Leave the digging to Lucy!