Friday, February 11, 2011

Project Update

I have named my new Vest,

"FeeFee Swirl"

My sweet, sweet doggie Fee Fee is now 17 years old and she is slowing down dramatically. Each day I can see her struggling with the simplest of things like trying to get up the 3 stairs from the front yard or when she first wakes up her little muscles are stiff and it takes her a minute or two to get going. I can relate to that Fee Fee, as a matter of fact I can relate to the whole aging thing.

As I once heard Andy Rooney say on 60 minutes "I've learned.... That life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer it gets to the end, the faster it goes."

It is so very sad to see a precious pet come to the end of their life. It is part of nature, we are born and then we come to the end of our life on this earth the cycle repeats. So as I sit here with my faithful doggie right next to me charting out the front of my new vest "FeeFee Vest".

Yes I'm charting this pattern by hand because it just seems easier and kind of relaxing to draw out with pencil and good old fashioned paper. I wonder if there is an app or some sort of chart generator that had been created for this job? An app for my iPad would be ideal. But until I find such it is pencil and paper.

The back is almost finished and I will be steeking it, because it's being knit in the round. The stranding fair isle pattern is just easier to knit in the round.


Beth McDermott Oliver said...

Ana, this is a beautiful pattern.

Ellen Bloom said...

The vest design is positively dazzling, Ana!!!

Steve said...

Hmmm.......are you trying to out do some other color work expert? The vest looks amazing.

Hope to see you at Madrona. I'll be there on Sunday taking Mary Scott Huff's steek class. Want to do lunch?

Angela said...

Gorgeous. Sending good thoughts for Fee Fee. It is so hard to go through the end. Feelings are still tender here from losing our furry boy.

Joanne said...

Your vest is beautiful, and the fact that it's tied in with thoughts of your dog makes it extra special.