Friday, January 21, 2011

Blog neglect....

Writing entries in this blog are fun, that's why I do it but..... it is time consuming! I have decided to write on my blog once a week on Fridays. Until further changing of my mind here it is a Friday and I am blogging about how my knitting week went.

I have started several projects and surprise surprise not one got finished. I've been knitting socks for "Big Foot" aka. dh. (Dear Husband). He has discovered the wonderful world of hand knit socks. I have created a monster, his socks take a lot longer for me to knit and they are boring. He does not like the colors I want to knit or any fancy stitches. Just your basic socks like the Tami Socks but a bit bigger and on smaller needles. Shish....

Cascade Sock Yarn, navy blue. Size 2.5 Signature needles. Pattern: Tami Socks

While I'm on a sock knitting kick I thought I would start a new colorful pair for myself. Yarn is Blue Moon Fibers, 2.5 mm needles. Pattern: Basic toe up short row heel & toe.

I'm going to teach knitting socks at the Slipt Stitch Knitting Guild in September. I know that is several months away but I thought I would practice some new techniques. I'll let you know how that goes.

Just a couple more projects I've been working on this week. Another AnaBandana scarf, in pale grey and white shadow knitting with beads. Alpaca yarn, so so soft!

About 80% done with this project, it's on my schedule to finish this weekend.

Last but not least my fair isle attempt. I have never really done a whole entire project "fair isle". For those who may not know all these fancy knitterly terms, it's simply multicolor knitting. The are two main ways to knit with different colors and strands. One is Fair Isle and the other is Intarsia. Fair Isle is usually done in the round because it's just easier to accomplish this technique. It is where one color is used for the knit stitch and the second strand of a different color is carried in the back.

The technique I use is the left hand does Continental knitting and the right hand uses "The Throw Method" or English Knitting. I am a Continental knitter and it's kind of awkward for me to "Throw" but I'm getting used to it. This method kind of equals the playing field because if you are a "Thrower" then the "Continental" method will be awkward and vica versa.

I did make a little mistake with my chart and did not realize that I had turned it sideways. Oops! Also I trimmed a few stitches to match my cast on. Oops again. But I think all is well that ends well and so far it looks like it's going to turn out well.

On a personal note, I will be going to the GLASG (Greater Los Angeles Spinning Guild) meeting tomorrow and we have a program: Long draw and short draw. As you may know I'm a beginning spinner so I welcome any instructions to master my new love of spinning wool.


Ellen Bloom said...

Your Fair Isle looks beautiful Ana! Great colorways! Hope to see you at Fairview tomorrow too!

Unknown said...

Hi Ana: I met you last year at Needlepoints West. I am interesting in taking the sock class if you are teaching toe-up socks and if the Slipt Stitch is the one in El Segundo. Are you going to post class info on your blog?

Jeannette Hayashida