Saturday, October 23, 2010

Back to reality

The hardest part about spending a week knitting and spinning and laughing with like minded friends is coming home to reality. It's shocking. I want to go downstairs and have my breakfast with my new friends and put the dishes on a tray and settle in the huge soft sofa and have Anna Zilborg or Cat Bordhi tell me stories while I'm knitting or spinning. Then have a delicious lunch served to us and while we are in the dining room chatting and having a good time the lodge turns into a knitting store with beautiful yarn, roving and naturally dyed stuff with a tray of buttons. Beautiful buttons and I'm not even sure what else because there was so much stuff to choose from.

For a break we would stroll on to the deck by the lake and spin a little on my wonderful Pocket Wheel that I took with me carefully packed in my suitcase. The sun is shining and the birds are singing, as far as I'm concerned it was as good as it gets for a retreat. Well there was one little problem Cat kept "kidnapping" my Pocket Wheel. Each time I would leave it unattended for a moment puff it was gone. Then I would get an eMail informing me that she was kidnapped with a photo attached. I had to figure out where the she was hidden. Honestly when Cat and I get together we revert back to two silly little girls. But enjoyable fun, lots of laughs and the creative ideas just comeMy Pocket-Wheel is packed carefully cushioned by pajamas knitted sweaters and wool balls. Glad to report that she made it safe and sound. Although I miss her because I dropped her off at Mr. Pocket Wheel's studio for a little once over. Just to make sure she is in her tip top condition. Did I say I miss my Pocket Wheel? Somehow I've fallen in love with this little wheel.
My friend Leslie and I are in Seattle on our way to visit the Picasso exhibit at the museum.

While we were waiting to go in to the Picasso exhibit we strolled around the museum and look there was this Sock Statue! Made out of knitted socks. It was over six foot tall and it had granny square boots. Wow! Now I know what to do with all my old socks.

A couple of pictures I was able to take before they told me that picture taking was not allowed? Why Not? What is this all about when museums do not allow pictures. I can understand flash no being allowed but taking a picture with my iPhone is so "stealth".
Maybe Picasso discovered Acid, clearly something was going on here....

My friend Leslie with her new hat she bought at the gift shop. None of the hats looked good on me so no hat for me.

Knitter's do not pack light, we have lots of gear. The spinning wheels, knitting bags, sweaters etc.

The ferry arrives in Friday Harbor.

My friend Steve from Seattle, a beautiful knitter. The only one who almost finished their Anna Zilboorg sock.
Cat Bordhi posing for my camera.
The lake and clear blue skies. It was beautiful.

I will post more next time. I can tell you that a good time was had by all and it went by too fast. Too too fast.

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