Friday, June 11, 2010

Stash management

Now that I have all these "over dye" possibilities I felt it was time for me to evaluate my stash. Sort of doing a late spring cleaning. I keep my yarn in plastic bins, some are huge and others are smaller. I find that some yarn like cottons are heavy and if I fill up a large plastic box it gets too heavy for me to lift. It's bad when you can't lift your box of yarn.

To my shock I have much more yarn than I thought. The bins number well into the double digits, not triple digits but... ok under a hundred but hovering around the 50's. Compared to some this is huge but I've known other yarnaholics who have more, not that this matters but I thought I'd throw that in there. The storage space is the biggest problem, we just don't have enough "real estate" to house all of our collections. Yes there is more than one collector in my family, I guess it's genetic or magnetic. When you have a lot of yarn management becomes a difficult task so I do not do it that often.

Each season I try and evaluate the leftover from the last winter or summer knitting. In the spring I start gravitating towards the cottons, rayon and silks because the weather starts being too warm to knit on a heavy wool sweater. Also I like to make a new piece to wear according to the season. One of the bins I have is called "Frog it or Finish it". In this bin I found this wonderful summer sweater that I think I started a couple or three years ago. Ok it was in one of the bottom bins and I have not seen it for a while.

Nice little sweater almost done all it needs is a front button band. I now remember that I wanted the button band to match the gusset and the dark green stripes. Now I know I had plenty of this green boucle rayon yarn but where is it? Organizing, labeling, sorting for about 2 weeks now and I am running out of places to look. I know I had some of this yarn..... where is it?

I was talking to my friend Leslie and she said to me oh that's easy the very last place you will look there it will be. And son of a gun she was totally right. I almost gave up on this and was ready to do a redesign and there it was at the bottom of one of the last little boxes I looked at. Small things make me happy but this was one of them.

Now to start knitting, select buttons and finish this sweater the hot weather is around the corner.

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Leslie W said...

I wonder which yarnaholic you were referring to!