Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Springtime Knitting

The weather is warming up and soon it will be too warm to be knitting winter wool. I am now working on a couple of projects for the summer. The first one is "Rainbow Silk Cloud" the name is obvious it is colorful and it does feel light as a cloud.

When I try this on it feels like wearing Cotton Candy. This is the second project I've knit with this type of yarn Mohair and Silk mix and I love the way it's kind of cool and warm at the same time. I know this does not make any sense, how can a sweater be cool and warm too? I don't know but it is. Some things are just magic and this sweater is one of those.

It packs up really small and does not wrinkle and is great for traveling. I have a couple of trips planned this year and look forward to making this sweater part of my travel wardrobe. The pattern I use is from the class I teach "Template Knitting" a basic top down raglan sleeve garter stitch. The class I'm affectionately calling "Gypsy Knitting" and it's a fast, easy knit. I will be teaching this class in May at the Santa Monica Library.

I'm always fascinated how we can make a whole entire garment from string, in this case almost like cob web thin silky mohair "string".

Size 10 needle which makes a lacey fabric and the project knit up very fast. Instant gratification that is always a bonus for me. Because I'm not a monogamous knitter, here is one of the other projects I'm working on. Again the same pattern with different yarn and it makes it look like it's a totally different pattern.

I call this one Molly because the colors remind me of Molly the owl. Who is Molly the owl? Here is the link. There is a couple who love birds in San Marcos California, (a bit South of here). They put up an owl box and waited 2 years for an owl to move in. Molly and McGee moved in Carlos the owner of the box put up a camera and the world started watching Molly sitting on her eggs.

The colors are not showing up the same way as on my monitor but this yarn I got does remind me of the colors Molly has. She is a barn owl and is now a proud mama of 3 Owlettes. It was fascinating to watch these little eggs hatch. Something I've never seen before. Isn't the internet wonderful?

And guess what Carlos who narrates the goings on periodically talked about his wife Donna being a knitter. One day she was off to her stitch n bitch group.

I'm progressing nicely with this summer short sleeve cardigan. I've tried it on and it too feels very nice and soft. I think this will be a wonderful little cardigan for the summer. Size 5 needle the yarn doubled and is still cob web thin but it makes a wonderful light weight fabric.

I bought the yarn a a wonderful little store in Manhattan Beach, California.

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Lisa said...

I'll bet that nice little yarn store in M.B. is Twist. I know that's my favorite store there!