Thursday, February 25, 2010

A weekend of knitting with Lily Chin.

It's taking me days to try and absorb all the information I learned during the 2 day seminar with Lily Chin. My oh my she has a lot of energy and a wealth of knowledge. I attended a very unique workshop at Newton's Yarn Country last weekend. It was two eight hour days chuck full of knitting information. Lily was teaching, hand knitting, crochet and machine knitting all at the same time! As far as I know I've never heard of any classes in all three at the same time.

It is so logical because many of us practice all three and personally I think of each skill as a tool to get the job done. I've heard remarks like if you machine knit you are cheating or chrocheters are not quite in the same league as hand knitters etc. All silly because I love it all and was grateful to receive instructions in each. I feel I really learned a lot and it's taking me days to think about how to apply all this to my projects.

Here are some links:
Some shows Lily did for DIY "Knitty Gritty":


Ellen Bloom said...

Sounds like a fantastic class! Lily was one of my fave teachers at Stitches West years ago! Can't wait to see how Lily's ideas translate into your designs.

ChelleC said...

Oh my gosh, that sounds wonderful! I once took a class from her at Stitches Midwest a long time ago. She was great. Very entertaining and you learn so much. Glad you had the opportunity.