Friday, July 17, 2009

I got my new glasses!

For some this may not be a big deal but for me it's Huge! It's like getting a new hair do. Sort of like jewelry except it's right there the first thing you see on my face. I think most of us ladies like to buy certain items. For me it's glasses, shoes and handbags, if you have great glasses, good shoes and a nice handbag it does not matter what you have on in between. Accessories rule.

I got three pairs this Markus-t for everyday regular "wear most of the time" light as a feather pair. Made in Germany even the case that I got is so very cool.Then I got a pair of sunglasses with the transitional lenses that get dark in the sun and light indoors. Koali by Morel made in France.

Last but not least these fun glasses made in China very cheap but fun, there is my friend Ellen trying them on, she loves glasses as much as I do.

And oh yes the lenses are the right prescription and I can see!

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Ellen Bloom said...

Wow! These glasses look great on you and even OK on me! Nice find! Love the sunglasses too!