Saturday, August 04, 2007

Felted large purse.

I have a birthday this month and I made myself a present. I love the handles, here is the link for handmade leather handles. Knitted in the round no particular pattern and left over wool just washed in the machine until it wouldn't shrink any more.

My felting tips of course depends on the project but generally speaking I use the washing machine method. I use dishwater detergent, baking soda and I place "dryer balls"
and and old jean jacket with metal buttons.

The idea is to beat up the knitted piece as much as possible it's not really the heat that shrinks but the combination of high alkaline soap and agitation. Then I rinse with cold water. I do check after a few minutes to see how it's progressing.

Again this depends on the project and the fiber it's knitted out of and how it's knitted also if I'm wanting the piece to be exact etc. Felting is a lot of fun I did a lot of projects about a year ago, I think I'll do some more this year. I just looked up what I blogged about felting

and yes it was fun, and lots of creative stuff can be done.

Leather Handles

I just got my Knit Picks catalog and they have a whole section in it on felting. Some really good tips they have two pdf files as a felting tutorial on their site looks good check it out.


Ellen Bloom said...

The new felted bag is gorgeous! LOVE those handles...very fancy shmancy!

So, I know that your b-dy is Wednesday....are you coming to Saturday's SnB (10-noon) so I can "gift" you appropriately?

Linda said...

What a great felted bag! I like the hanndles.

Deborah said...

I am so bad with color combining. The colors you chose are perfect together.

Olivia Twist said...

Just came across your site and I have to say...that you do such BEAUTIFUL work. I have no idea how to knit, but I do crochet. I'm working on my first bag and then plan on felting it. Do you think it matters if the handbag is knitted or crocheted? I noticed that there aren't very many books on felting crocheted handbags.