Thursday, July 05, 2007

I hate the 4th of July

SHE loves this holiday and I don't know why. Probably because it's just an excuse to lay around and knit, just being lazy. I hate the fireworks! These humans can not understand that I do not know the difference between real gun shots and fireworks!

When I hear all those bang noises I always think we are under attack and I get SCARED! There I've said it, I too get scared sometimes. I try very hard not to show it but on the 4th of July I just fall apart.

Do you know what SHE did? Well there was this awful big bang as if tanks were firing at us noises so SHE picks me up and starts pointing at the sky! As if I could tell that those pretty colors and the big bang noises were related. What a fool, I had her carry me around and I am furry and hot right against her and she was hot as hell but I had her so bamboozled that SHE fell for it. I would cry and I would pant and I just had the most uncomfortable day. The only thing that saved it is the damn BBQ I got a few good morsels for dinner.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention the idiot neighbors that we have. They have absolutely no consideration for the poor animals around they insist every year to light fireworks in their front yard. Besides this being totally illegal and they have a bunch of little children and the children could get hurt too but somehow they just don't get it. Each year I watch the news and I hear about all those accidents that happen, children getting hurt having fingers blown off.... oh yeah nasty things but these neighbors of ours just don't get it. They still think that nothing like that could happen to them. OMG..

I will just tell you the biggest annoyance was the fact that my brother just slept through the whole thing. He did not hear nothing! The DUFUS he is and he just lays around and sleeps. Got to go now, SHE is knitting and I am hungry so I'm going to go and annoy HER.

The Bitch.

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