Friday, October 14, 2005

If it's Tuesday it must be Belgium or Amsterdam or......

My very first guided tour, oh yes I have reached that age when a guided tour sounds good, I may be crazy but it sounds like a great adventure. Starting out in Amsterdam and finishing up in Paris.

Shish...Whew... all in 21 days of travel....lots of bus and trains, planes, and automobiles.....and I don't have to drive, navigate or even negotiate parking, so I can sit back and relax and knit or just gaze out the window or finally read that book that I've had on my list of things I would like to do.

I've traveled through most of these places so they are not so new to me but I am sure I will see lots of things that I have never seen before. I think having professional tour guides help to steer us in the most interesting areas. (I've always wanted to be part of a heard.) When I was younger that was the thrilling part of traveling, finding my own path and planning my own tour. But it is a lot of work and taking off without a reservation well when I was 18 that was the way to go but today having someone else make all the reservations and plans sounds good to me. I figure none of the tours are mandatory and I can always stay back at the hotel and do what I feel like and only participate when I feel like it. Even Knit all day if I want to.

But I have lots of time to think about this and make my plans, the tour is next year!

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  • ana Banana Travel Adventures Blog

    Anonymous said...

    Belguim has the very best, tastiest fries in the world. Sometimes I think I must get back ASAP for the fries.

    Marji said...

    Ana, hoping to see pics soon of the Ballerina.
    The tour looks wonderful to me. I'll be in Antwerp this Feb, heading across the water then to the British Isles, but I have to plan it, mostly. A guided trip where you just get on and ride sounds relaxing. Be sure to get to the Riekes (sp?) museum in Amsterdam. Enjoy.