Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I've jumped down the Knit one Below Rabbit hole!

Send help!

There is nothing like the energy and excitement of starting a new knitting project. Even though I've hit a wall on the existing umpteen projects I'm working on and feel that I should finish something. ... "oops I've done it again". I started a new project before finishing the one I'm knitting on.

As I've confessed many times and if you know me you will gather that I'm not a monogamous knitter. For some folks knitting one project at a time and actually finishing that project before shopping for yarn for another is fine and satisfying. But for me not so much.

I'm trying to rationalize that I've started a couple of new projects before I've finished the current "darling".  And suddenly something catches my eye and I'm off searching for yarn. Thank goodness I have made a conscious  effort to stick to my new years resolution to shop at home first. I have some wonderful yarns that are just waiting for me to knit something.

What caught my eye? The knit one below technique. I find this easy and fun! Love the look and it's a great way to stash bust. Using up different colors from your collection of left overs or odd balls is a great bonus. I first started with a test swatch. I cast on 19 sts. this technique calls for odd number of stitches. Once I got the idea and the rhythm it turned out to be quite easy and fun. 

Size 7 Addi Turbo circular lace needle, cast on 19 sts. Using two different color yarns. Color A is light blue and color B is the dark charcoal. 


Next I wanted to test it out in the round, so a hat was born.

When I finished the hat I decided that this was great fun and I am ready to start a "major" project like a vest or a sweater. Perhaps a ruana, well let's not go crazy. I settled on a vest knit in the round with a 10 stitch "steek". Knitting in the round is the easiest for me I prefer to knit all the stitches. 

I stuck to my new years resolution of shopping at home and using up some of my massive yarn collection. I found just the yarn that I've loved looking at and the colors but did not quite know what to do with. I bought this yarn a couple of years ago when I attended a "Sock Camp" organized by Tina Newton of Blue Moon Fibers and Stephanie the "Yarnharlot". The yarn is called "Twisted" 8 oz to a skein and I have 4 skeins. Two skeins of "Sea Scum" (Tina names the yarn color ways.)  and two skeins of "Jabberwocky". Each of these colorways look wonderful but together they look even more wonderful ...... at last I have a project to knit out of this yarn that I've been saving! It's a vest.... or it's going to be a vest. (fingers crossed)

I found this tutorial on steeking 

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