Friday, August 15, 2014

Then this Happened!

I fell and could not get up! Rushing around with two bags of groceries in each hand, not watching where I was going carefully, it happened. I tripped at my back door and went down with my right foot twisted under me! OUCH!

Talk about seeing stars! I immediately knew that I hurt something bad. Got my husband to rush to help me as I was laying on the ground. He came running and it kind of freaked him out too. I asked him to please get some ice! Ladies believe it or not he asked where we kept ice? That's a frazzled husband for you.

Sure enough after x-rays it turns out that I broke my ankle and my 5th metatarsal bone. As you see in the pictures my whole foot turned black and blue. Then I got this lovely boot. Recovery time is estimated 4 months. Which will take us into November.

The good news is I have plenty of time to knit. Here are the projects I have finished. 

I will post the details and patterns in a future blog post. 

The good news is I have plenty of time to knit. Here are the projects I have finished. 

I will post the details and patterns in a future blog post. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It's been a while but here I am blogging again.

So many changes, new hobbies and new way of eating. I want to share this recipe for a Paleo Cauliflower Soup. I just made this up with what I had on hand and my limited understanding of the Paleo way of cooking.

1/4 pound of ground beef
4 strips of bacon (oven cooked)
1/2 medium size organic sweet onion, chopped fine
Coconut oil or Olive Oil
1 head of Cauliflower cut to small pieces
2 carrots, grated
4 T almond meal 
Sea Salt to taste
water or organic chicken stock
chopped parsley
dash of hot paprika

In coconut oil Brown chopped onions with half of the grated carrots to almost burned 
add ground beef pinching dime size pieces, 
add chopped bacon, stir and sear
add salt and a dash of hot paprika
add the almond meal stir well (in place of a roux) for about a minute 
add 1/4 of the cauliflower stirring well for another minute
add all the cauliflower and the remaining of the carrots
4 cups of water 

Bring to a good boil, do not over cook. 


My new hobby is making Jewelry. I've been taking Metalsmithing classes and boy is it rough on the manicure. I'm just taking a little rest from knitting, although I still always have a project or two and knit a row or two just because I love knitting. I should have said new hobbies in the plural because I've also been doing some millinery hat making. I LOVE making hats!

I will post pictures and links to this new and exciting adventure I'm on. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Skipping right over Fall and we are in the middle of Winter

Although judging from our weather here in Southern California winter has not showed up yet. The Swing Vest kick that I'm on right now have been perfect for our climate. Keeps me warm yet not too warm, I've come to the conclusion that vests are my favorite garments to wear.

A friend of mine asked me how many of these swing vests have I made and it stopped me to count. I confess I've made several. It all started with the "Wingspan Vest" made out of Noro Silk Garden yarn. This piece was a great success, feels nice and an easy wear.

And if and when it gets cold enough I wear this shawl that I made years ago and so happens to match.

Too warm so next came "Rusty Wings" made of sock yarn.

When I was teaching at Newtons Yarn Country I fell in love with their Nevada yarn. It's a wonderful rayon and drapes really beautifully. I named this one "Birds of a Feather".


Then when I got this wonderful wool in Estonia I made the "Vera Vest", decided to add a collar and this one I think is my favorite. I love wearing it.

And then there is this one that I kind of updated with my leftover felting.

And on the needles soon to be finished (I hope). The working name is "Squiggly" for obvious reasons. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Summer flew by I'm ready for some cool weather.

The name of the yarn is in Estonian and I'm afraid I can't pronounce the word, there are too many dots .... The yarn is wool with long color changes, very similar to the Danish, Kauni. These are my colors, I just look better with strong colors and most of all it puts a smile on my face. The fit is good and it feels like an "old sweater". 

By that I mean it's comfy and I love wearing it. Lots of short rows loose fit "swing vest". The knit went pretty fast because I was anxious to get it done to be able to wear it. The collar is added after the body is finished, I used the same yarn and felted it just for a little texture. Let me know how you like it, I've written the pattern/recipe and now I'm going to make another one to fine tune the written directions. 

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Budapest continued.

The view from my room.

And across the street the Fovam market place.

My iPad only speaks and writes in Hungarian.
I'm not sure how this is happening but it is. 
I guess it knows where I am, but how does it know that I speak Hungarian?

Check out Rick Steves video that he made at this great market place.


The guide I'm reading says: "Budapest is the city of cultural diversity, festivals and thermal waters! Besides its unparalleled beauty, it is best known for its built heritage witnessing several thousand years of history, for its medicinal and thermal waters and for the fantastic Danube panorama."

I was born here and lived here until we escaped and moved to Los Angeles when I was 14. Many years ago. People often ask me what differences i see. For me it's a mixed bag, it is so amazingly changed yet it is the same. Living here at my cousins apartment I feel I stepped in a time machine. 

I'm sleeping on a day bed that I slept in as a child. The furniture the porcelain figurines, the dishes all live in my memory. 

Szécsényi Bath or Spa as they now call it is one of the oldest. They celebrated it's 100th birthday this year. Yes folks it's been here and well used for a 100 years. I came here with my mother and my mother came here with her mother. 

It's a Saturday afternoon and it was packed. It's located in the heart of the city in the large park which we call Liget. Now they are calling it a Spa vs. the baths. i guess that term sells better to the foreign visitors. They offer spa treatments. 

They have renovated and restored the place beautifully! 

Fish Pedicures!

This is new, fish pedicures were brought here recently by the large Asian population residing here. It's fascinating, you just stick your feet in a fish tank and all these little fish start munching away your dead skin. 

The cost is 3,000 Hungarian Forints for 15 minutes. (About $13.00 U.S. Dollars or 10 Euros)
This is brilliant, no human is involved except for taking your money. Come in put your feet in the water and pay. 

I've had a hard time keeping track of the currency exchange, here is my high tech cheat sheet. Hungarian Forint to U.S. Dollars. 1,000 Forint = $4.40

As we strolled in the park with the weather really perfect, my cousin Vera pointed out that there are little fish in the pond. If I wanted I could just dip my toes in there and it's free. (Ha Ha)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Spa Treatment

With my fibromyalgia I often get muscle aches and pains. So getting a massage turns into an "oh but it hurts so good!" But after the massage I feel better. I really think it helps this old and tired body if nothing else it helps to try and relax. After all the walking and stresses of travel this treatment is a necessity.

Food is everywhere even in the "Relaxation Room" but the chamomile tea is lovely. I will have to tell them that the terry robes they give you to wear needs to come in a larger size than "one size fits all!"

The view is nice also.

I am knitting and as you may have noticed, blogging a lot.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Life on board the ship.

Joan checking her eMail and updating her blog. She was convinced that the connection was better in the hallway. I guess it worked for her.

Coffee for me, in the Lido lounge. This early in the morning the place is empty. They do offer a limited offerings 24 hours a day. Being on a cruise you do not go hungry.

There are several choices for meals, buffet style or sit down dinners. I prefer being served in the dining room. And I find the food has been really wonderful, I guess I will diet at home.

I hope I don't bore you to death but here is what I had for dinner last night. Joan has been taking pictures of all the food she has, I get bored with doing that and most of the time by the time I remember I've eaten half of it. But last night we had success I managed to take a picture before I delicately gobbled up my food.

Before I left home I was listening to a radio show and they were talking about people who take pictures of their food. And the study shows that if you take pictures before you eat or any ritual you may have, satisfies and slows down your hunger. I'm not really sure that this works for me, I had no trouble at all finishing each course. But all this travel and sea are makes me hungry.

Cream of mushroom soup, delicious.....

Ceasar salad, delicious...... small portions because there is soooo much food.

And yes dessert........

After posting this I don't think I should eat today!

Location:At sea in the Baltics....

Getting on board ship..

We were all so very excited like little children just at the sight of the ship. Holland America, The Eurodam! A mere 2,104 passengers eagerly await boarding. I was rather impressed how smoothly it all went. Lots of staff directing us handing us numbers advising to have our boarding pass and passport ready etc.

The cabin is a wee bit small and Joan my roommate was surprised, somehow she expected the "room" to be larger. "It looked so much bigger online!" The virtual tour was a bit misleading. But we all know that hotel rooms looks so much better on the web. I Love our cabin and love watching the ocean and the sea air.

The obligatory safety meeting, roll call the crew shouting at the top of their lungs: "ROOM 5069 are you HERE?" YES WE ARE we are giggling and shouting back. Luckily it did not take long and we did not have to wear our life vests. We were told that if we do not attend this meeting you will be THROWN OFF THE SHIP!

The ship is moving we are on our way......

First stop the IT guy! Can we get WiFi? This was very important to both Joan and I and the answer as you see is YES! Not the fastest connection but good enough to upload to our blogs.

Craft Cruises "cocktail party". Drinks and munchies served. We will not be going hungry on this trip. There is food everywhere! But I continually get lost so there is quite a bit of walking involved to find my way from one end of the ship to the other. I'm considering this exercise.

Anna Zilboorg reads us a very funny "Wool" poem. Merike Saarniit