Tuesday, October 06, 2009

My Bugga obsession continues....

Those ladies at Sanguine Gryphon are very clever, they have managed to keep their yarn exclusive and hard to get? How and why this yarn phenomena continues I don't know. There are thousands of small yarn "dyers" out there begging people to buy their products and then there is Sanguine Gryphon and their "Bugga" and now "Skinny Bugga" line. Yes the colors are wonderful all named after bugs and creatures and yes the yarn feels very nice but there are lots of other yarn that feels sort of the same way but somehow they manage to keep this yarn so exclusive that you feel like you are lucky to be able to buy a skein or two.

Never mind trying to pick out the colors and the yardage you want, you just sort of grab for whatever colors you can get. Crazy isn't it? They post on Ravelry.com when they will put yarn up for sale on their web site and at that given moment you can start looking at the pages and if you are lucky enough to see one of the skeins without a "SOLD OUT" sign you just grab and hope you can complete the purchase.

The "Bugga" base is unique because it's 20% cashmere 70% wool and 10% nylon, it's actually sock yarn it seems that nobody else is using this same base. I wonder why not? I would think that after seeing all this success the Griffin girls have surely some body would be jumping on the ban wagon I don't know of any. If you do let me know. There are other sock yarns that have 10% cashmere but somehow that 10% extra makes the yarn feel ever so soft and luxurious. I like to knit sweaters and shawls and other projects from sock yarn I always feel like this yarn is too pretty to waste on socks. Especially having to go through all that effort to buy this stuff. I wrote about them at the Sock Summit, where they sold all they had in 5 minutes. "Oooooh I want more Bugga...."

I was up bright and early at the designated time (6 am) and was able to grab these colors:

I was thinking about doing a "shadow knitting" project, either a top down sweater or a shawl of some sort. I'll have to see what they look like in person. I am currently knitting 3 top down projects all based on my top down knitting classes I teach.

There is good progress with The "Piros Bogár" but I wish I just had one more skein, I want to keep knitting.

What's the pattern? Here it is on a size 4 needle, all garter stitch with a M1 increase.

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Ellen Bloom said...

Beautiful, Beautiful, Ana! I'm diggin' the Bugga!